In this episode we hear from one of the pioneers of modern adventure, Benedict Allen who shares some fascinating tales: joining an uncontacted tribe in Papua New Guinea, eating his own dog, and loads more.
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Benedict Allen

August 17, 2017

In episode 2 TV's first explorer and all round bad Mo Fo Benedict Allen shares some amazing stories, including his initiation ceremony to an uncontacted tribe in Papua New Guinea. But this wasn't just any initiation ceremony. It was pure brutality! Beatings and abuse for 6 whole weeks. Blood, sweat, and tears. And lots of them! Take a listen and get your plane ticket to the jungle booked!

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show notes

  • Intro and Benedict’s background
  • Becoming an explorer
  • Benedict’s first visit to the Amazon - he ate his dog and contracted two types of malaria…nothing too crazy
  • 30 years ago Benedict travels to join the Nyaura people of Papua New Guinea
  • The brutal 6 week secret initiation ceremony to make a man as strong as a crocodile...cuttings, beatings, and lots of tears
  • 30 Years later Benedict returns to Papua New Guinea with news correspondent Frank Gardner to fulfil Frank’s dream of finding Birds of Paradise
  • Why were you, a foreigner, allowed to participate in a sacred and secret initiation ceremony?
  • Did you feel conflicted contacting a largely untouched tribe?
  • What did you learn from such a brutal ceremony?
  • How do you retain the lessons you learn on your expeditions and keep them alive in your everyday life?
  • The difficulty of taking a man in a wheelchair into the jungle
  • What happened after the initiation ceremony?
  • How does the life of a modern day tribesman compare to ours? Is the noble savage ideal just a myth?
  • Is ‘just follow your dreams’ just bullshit?
  • What is exploration about?
  • Benedicts heroes
  • Captain James Cook
  • Are heroes born or made?

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