Water based

3 day SUP, Hike, Wild Swim Exploring the Jurassic Coast

Water based
Water based
Water based
Learn skills
Learn skills
Learn skills
Campervan friendly
Campervan friendly
Campervan friendly
Low Cost Adventures
Low Cost Adventures
Low Cost Adventures
  • Make the most of your staycation with SUP, hiking, wild swimming, and beach workouts on the Jurassic Coast's finest spots
  • Learn to paddle board / improve your paddling with a super experienced local instructor
  • Taste the best fresh fish and sea-food going

Jurassic Coast, UK

3 days

6 per group


Not included (but you can book a camper through our camper rental partner)

All - almost anyone can do it


HASSLE FREE, fully guided


£ 44.00 GBP (Deposit)
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A few quick things on this one:

  • This booking with Call to Adventure is for the activities only.
  • Accommodation and campervan hire is not included
  • But we know loads of you fancy a bit of vanlife and think this is a great trip to hire a van for
  • We've team up with Camptoo (Airbnb for camper vans) for this one. You'll book the trip on Call to Adventure first then we'll refer you on to Camptoo to book your camper. They are a marketplace so you can choose the right van for you to pick up from the most convenient location. You can book the camper for as long as you like, but our activities take place over 3 days.
  • You don't have to book a camper and you don't have to book it with Camptoo - we just think it sounds fun - feel free to book whatever accommodation you fancy
  • Great locations to explore between sessions: Swanage, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, Weymouth, Abbotsbury, Bridport, West Bay, Charmouth, Lyme Regis & Sidmouth 

Day 1: SUP, Hike, and Wild Swim

You'll arrive, perhaps in your camper (if you've booked worries if not) and get settled in at your campsite or accommodation (not included in price)

Campervan with paddleboards and camping chairs Bournemouth UK
Campervan hire not included in price

1hr paddle boarding lesson in Charmouth with your guide (and her sidekick)

After meeting your guide and her furry friend you'll head to the water to learn everything you need to know about Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Even if you've not paddled before, you can expect to be standing up by the end of this session.

If you're more experienced you'll get tips on how to improve your technique to take your paddling to the next level - all in a laid back and fun way.

Paddleboarding with dog
Group of SUP paddlers paddling at sunset
Group paddleboarding session

6 hr hike with (optional) wild swim

Next up, it's a gorgeous 6 hour hike along the beautiful Jurassic Coast. We'll stop for a picturesque lunch enjoying an unbeatable sea view (food costs aren't included).

jurrasic coast beach cove hike walking route
Coastal walk
durdle door jurassic coast uk
Lulworth Cove

Day 2: SUP safari and (optional) beach workout

90m SUP safari to Lyme Regis 

After yesterday you'll be feeling confident and ready for a stand up paddle board (SUP) adventure. You'll have the chance to really get out there and see what a SUP safari is all about - soaking up the rays, unwinding, and spotting wildlife.

There's no better feeling than the freedom of being out on the water feeling the warm sun on your skin and your lungs filled with the freshest sea air.

SUP paddle boarding in sea overhead
Best paddleboarding spots in the UK - Lyme Regis
SUP paddleboarder jurassic coast
Lyme Regis paddleboard safari
Paddleboarder jumps in sea odd SUP
Group paddleboarding lesson

Post SUP we'll hit the beach for a 45 minute workout to sculpt those beach bods (this bit's optional, you can just chill with a drink on the beach if that's more your jam)

Day 3: Hike and wild swim

Jurassic coastline best hiking routes

Day 3 is here already and we're really getting into the swing of things now.

We'll kick off with a 2 hour coastal hike followed by an epic wild swim. The swim, as with all activities, is optional but highly recommended.

These are world class swimming spots that swimmers around the world would give their left arm for so jump in and get going.

Depending on your plans, it could be time to head home or off to another adventure.

NB should the conditions be unsafe to use the sea, these slots will be replaced by a suitable alternative activity. There are local rivers and some other options for us to fall back on


What Adventurers are Saying

"She is very patient and supportive, and makes the experience fun with her dog jumping between the paddle boards" "Also great advice for local places to eat. Thank you!"

Alex, SUP and Hike Jurassic Coast

No items found.

had such a great time so did the rest of us. Wish we lived round the corner so we could go every weekend.

Mandy, SUP and Hike Jurassic Coast

No items found.

we couldn't have chosen a better thing to do! We absolutely loved every second of it. She made us feel so at ease and we were stood up and paddling around within no time! Would highly recommend this to anyone, we did not want it to end!

Fern, SUP and Hike Jurassic Coast

No items found.

"What a fantastic experience," "would highly recommend it. They were fantastic with lots of helpful tips along the way. Highly recommend them and I will definitely be back."

John L, SUP and Hike Jurassic Coast

No items found.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience would certainly recommend to anyone wishing to try paddle boarding.

Nicola, Camper and paddle boarding

No items found.

"Good fun, learned a lot and made great progress in a short time. Equipment and wet suit provided if needed, great location" "Her dog even hopped onto my board for a ride."

David, Camper and paddle boarding

No items found.

"Absolutely fantastic experience with our guide and her beautiful dog were supportive and encouraging" "it was fun challenging and her enthusiasm for the sport is infectious we will definitely be back. She also takes photos and shares them so you have memories"

Clc, Camper and paddle boarding

No items found.



  • Multiple paddleboarding sessions with fully qualified and experienced local guide
  • 6 hour guided hike with lunch stop & sea views (food costs not included)
  • Wild swimming
  • 45 minute beach work out


  • Accommodation
  • Van hire and associated costs - we'll refer you on to our camper partner Camptoo to book that if you're keen
  • Personal insurance - we highly recommend you get this
  • Campsite fees - we're super happy to help you plan your stays but you'll be making the reservations
  • Meals & drinks
  • Transport to Charmouth


Recommended Kit List

  • Sunscreen
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Your own board if you prefer, if not a board and all safety gear will be supplied
  • Clothes suitable for hiking - not cotton or jeans
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm fleece layer
  • Hiking boots or trail shoes
  • Clothes for the evening
  • Sandals/ flip flops or trainers
  • Toiletries and personal medication


You'll need to make your own way to Charmouth, either by public transport, car or hired motorhome.

We'll meet on the beach for the activities, although we may move to a few different locations such as Lyme Regis or Poole, depending on the group's preferences.


How does the campervan hire bit work?

Just to be totally clear, no accommodation (or campervan) is included in this booking.

However, we know that loads of you fancy giving vanlife a bit of a whirl, so we have teamed up with a great campervan rental marketplace, Camptoo (think Airbnb for campers). Whilst you're free to choose whatever accommodation you fancy, if you are up for booking a camper with Camptoo, you can either click the link and book now, or follow the link in your booking confirmation to Camptoo's website and book from there. There are a boat-load of campers to choose from so you can find the right one for you.

n.b. the price of the trip here on Call to Adventure doesn't include the camper van hire cost.

How has COVID-19 affected things?

This one is UK based so international travel is not the issue. However, we have of course thought long and hard about how to make things safer for you. This has a group size of just 6 per paddle session and given the nature of the trip we will be able to socially distance without any issues. All our guides have been sent a copy of the updated industry guidelines and put your safety first. You can read more over at our COVID-19 page.

What time will the paddle boarding sessions take place?

Your guide will ring you before hand to see what your plan is (or help you make one) and then arrange the best time for the group, taking into account conditions.

Do I need any paddle boarding (SUP) experience?

Nope. This is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to experienced paddlers.

Can we choose which campsites we stay at during this paddle boarding adventure?

Absolutely. You're free to stay where you like. Just make sure you aren't too far away so you can make all the sessions. We do recommend one site in particular though so get in touch and we'll share all our top tips.

We can't make these dates but would love to book this same trip for another time. Is that possible?

Sure. Shoot us a message or give us a buzz and we can look to arrange another date.

Can we go where we like when there aren't lessons on?

100%. This is your trip. The camper is there so you can explore to your hearts content.

Is there a minimum age for this trip?

Yes, all our trips are for people of 18 years of age and older.


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Water based

3 day SUP, Hike, Wild Swim Exploring the Jurassic Coast

A Jurassic Coast adventure jam-packed with SUPing, hiking, wild swimming and optional beach workouts


Jurassic Coast, UK


3 days

ANNUAL leave needed:

1 day off work


All - almost anyone can do it

"She is very patient and supportive, and makes the experience fun with her dog jumping between the paddle boards" "Also great advice for local places to eat. Thank you!"

Alex, SUP and Hike Jurassic Coast

Start Icon


Charmouth Beach

meals included:

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coming soon

# of people PER TRIP: 

6 per group

coming soon


Not included (but you can book a camper through our camper rental partner)

PRICE (from)

£ 224


£ 44.00 GBP (Deposit)

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days pre-trip
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3 day SUP, Hike, Wild Swim Exploring the Jurassic Coast



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