Climbing & mountaineering

Climb Ben Nevis Winter: Learn Winter Moun­tain­eer­ing Skills

Climbing & mountaineering
Climbing & mountaineering
Climbing & mountaineering
Learn skills
Learn skills
Learn skills

Learn how to use an ice axe and crampons and enter the world of Scottish winter walking and mountaineering

Climb Ben Nevis in winter and discover the joy of the UK's highest mountain

Eat haggis, drink whiskey, and enjoy all that Fort William and Glen Nevis has to offer

Fort William, Scotland‍

2 days‍






HASSLE FREE, fully guided


£ 85.00 GBP (Deposit)
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Climbing Ben Nevis in Winter is a real adventure. You might think the UK doesn't have extreme mountaineering conditions on it's doorstep but trust us, this one's a real belter.

DAY 1 : Rock up and get prepped

Climb Ben Nevis Equipment

Day 1 (usually Friday) is all about arriving in Fort William and getting you kitted out for the exciting weekend of winter walking and mountaineering to come. We'll provide you with everything you need to conquer a winter summit of Ben Nevis.

Once prepped you'll meet the rest of the gang and have a bite to eat, before hitting the hay so you're ready for a big day tomorrow, perhaps after a quick whiskey at the bar... or three, if you've watched the vlog of George's experience...

DAY 2 : Learn the winter skills needed to climb Ben Nevis in winter

Climb Ben Nevis in Winter

Day 2 is when you'll learn the skills needed to take on the mountains and Ben Nevis in winter time! We'll kick the day off with a traditionally carby Scottish breakfast before donning our gear and heading out.

It's all about the ice axe, winter boots and crampons today. Once we've gone beyond the snow line and found the powder. we'll be assessing the mountain weather and avalanche conditions and moving efficiently and safely through challenging environments. We'll learn how to perform the ice axe arrest, the most important safety move when climbing in winter. This means we'll be prepped with a good level of winter skills ready for a safe ascent tomorrow. Proper adventure stuff!

The setting is sublime. Perched high on the mountain, you'll be moving across the snow with an epic view over the valley below.

After roughly 6 hours out and about, it's back to town for some grub before attempting to climb Ben Nevis tomorrow. Who knew you could learn so much in one day?

DAY 3 : Summit day baby!

Winter ascent of Ben Nevis

Our last day together and it's time to bust out the big guns! Don those winter boots and crampons and your trusty walking ice axe again, this is what winter walking is all about baby! You'll see Glen Nevis in all it's glory today. Scotland is truly like no other place on earth. Are you ready to tackle the mighty Ben?

You'll be working together as a team to tackle this beast and pick the best route. At 1,345m above sea level, Ben Nevis is the highest point in the UK. To climb Ben Nevis in winter via this route is challenging enough to make it a real accomplishment when you get to the top, but very doable with lots of breaks to catch your breath, eat a Mars Bar or 5, and snap a few killer selfies.

The notorious CMD Arete mountain track could be in the cards but can get a little spicy in the winter season, so can only be attempted in the right conditions. The pony track is another option, it zig zags up the hill passing streams, lakes and the infamous Red Burn. We'll pick the best route depending on the conditions and either way, once we're above the snow line, we'll be tackling some real gnarly stuff.

After a cracking winter ascent of Ben Nevis in epic snow conditions, it's back to the hotel to celebrate. As we descend, ice axes and crampons on our backs, we'll be beaming with pride and full of adrenaline after an epic adventure. Now you've learnt all the winter skills, where will you go next?


What Adventurers are Saying

Great place to go for an amazing experience. If you are not too confident best to join a group with a guide to get the most out of the experience. Thoroughly recommend - excellent guide, patient and competent

Karin, Ben Nevis

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If you’re after a challenging outdoor experience with awesome company and assurances that your safety will be taken seriously, whilst pushing you to your limits, look no further

Mike, Ben Nevis

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What a fantastic weekend! One of the best adventures I've done for sure and love that it's right here in our back garden

Adam, Ben Nevis

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  • Guides - expert, local, & fully qualified
  • Hotel - 2 nights
  • Meals - hearty breakfast
  • Equipment - all technical gear
  • Monthly payment plan, on request


  • Transport to and from adventure
  • Meals not listed above
  • Equipment not listed above (i.e. stuff you would normally take hiking - rucksack with a waterproof liner or rain cover, first aid kit, waterproofs etc)
  • Personal gear and kit


Recommended Kit List

  • Thermal wicking base layer and fleece top
  • Fleece or woollen trousers and tops
  • Walking boots (3/4 season)
  • Hat and gloves
  • Spare fleece or woollen top windrproof jacket
  • Waterproofs
  • Flask or water bottle
  • Lunch plus spare food
  • Rucksack (30ltrs)
  • Whistle
  • Orange plastic survival bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Crampons and ice axe provided for the trip
  • Evening clothes/ toiletries etc for the hotel


  • Walking poles recommended but non-essential
  • Camera – Definitely recommended!


You'll need to make your own way to Fort William but there's both a coach and a train station. Meet the rest of the group outside Ellis Brigham in Fort William.


Do I need winter walking and mountaineering experience?

No, some hiking experience would be great, and it'll help if you've climbed a mountain before, but don't worry at all if this is your first time climbing Ben Nevis. Our (extremely knowledgeable!) guide will be covering exactly what you need to know to summit safely, so as long as you feel fit enough to be out on the hill for 6-8 hours a day tackling 1000m of ascent, you'll have a ball! The Scottish Highlands are so beautiful at this time of year you'll be itching to come back and bag more peaks!

What's Ben Nevis like in the winter season?

Beautiful! Whilst the area does attract tourists all year round, the Glen Nevis area is especially beautiful in winter in our opinion. And a whole lot quieter! Ben Nevis in the winter season is a different ball game to summiting in summer.

There's almost always snow cover, strong winds and spicy conditions, paired with a lot less daylight hours and a whole lot less crowds. Get a blizzard up on the Ben and you'll feel like in you're in winter conditions as extreme as the Alps. It's not always smooth sailing, but that's why you're coming on the trip, right? To learn the skills to beast up it!

Which route will we be taking up Ben Nevis?

There are two main paths used when attempting an ascent of Ben Nevis. The Mountain Track (aka the Pony Track) is the most often used, as it is a safe, meandering path that zig zags up to the summit passing lakes, streams and the infamous Red Burn. The Carn Mor Dearg Arête (CMD Arete) route is a more challenging hike for experienced climbers. Our extremely knowledgeable guide will pick the best route on the day based on the snow conditions and the ability of the group.

Is there a minimum age for this trip?

Yes, all our trips are for people of 18 years of age and older.


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Climbing & mountaineering

Climb Ben Nevis Winter: Learn Winter Moun­tain­eer­ing Skills

Learn all the winter skills you need to take on the UK's highest mountain and open up the world of winter walking and mountaineering.


Fort William, Scotland‍


2 days‍

ANNUAL leave needed:

0.5 days off work‍



Great place to go for an amazing experience. If you are not too confident best to join a group with a guide to get the most out of the experience. Thoroughly recommend - excellent guide, patient and competent

Karin, Ben Nevis

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Ellis Brigham, Fort William‍

meals included:

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£ 85.00 GBP (Deposit)

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Climb Ben Nevis Winter: Learn Winter Moun­tain­eer­ing Skills



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