November 14, 2021

The Call to Adventure Podcast - Episode 19 - Charlie Head

Charlie Head circumnavigated the country to get people talking about mental health
Podcast Guest
Charlie Head

Charlie Head is no stranger to adventure. His stand up paddle board has taken him across the Arctic, through the Nile and along the Amazon, meeting and living with tribespeople and locals along the way to discuss education, community and the environment. His most recent achievement was his circumnavigation of the UK, which he pursued as an opportunity to spread the word about mental health and encourage conversation up and down the nation.

We discuss Charlie’s motivation for campaigning for mental health, the hardest bits of his journey and the incredible individuals he met along the way. Tune in folks, this one’s a belter.

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Show Notes

  • Quickfire questions
  • Campervan or tent?
  • Childhood hero?
  • Favorite country?
  • Lager or cider?
  • Whiskey
  • Paddle boarding beginnings
  • Crossing the ocean
  • Tips for getting into SUP
  • What's the best entry level paddle board?
  • Solid paddle board brands
  • How exactly did Charlie circumnavigate the UK?
  • Self-developed mental health coping mechanisms
  • What was the catalyst for self exploration?
  • What was the typical day when circumnavigating the UK?
  • What problems did Charlie encounter on his journey?
  • Mindfulness
  • Dare to express - Mental health illness
  • What's the next big adventure?
  • Supporting others getting on their next mission
Charlie Head SUP

Full Transcript

00:00.00 calltoadventure So for those of you who don't know keytoring is basically just skiing but without using the lifts so you walk up the mountains and ski down and in case, you're wondering if you haven't seen it before the way that that works is you put a little contraption called a skin. On the bottom of your ski and that lets you walk up and then you take them off and ski down and it is an incredible experience. Lets you get away from the the normal piece find different parts of the mountain that nobody else is in and it's an epic workout. So if that sounds cool or we'd like to check out any of our other trips head over to call toadventure dot uk smash the find your adventure button and take a look to learn some more but now on to today's pod so today we'll be chatting with Charlie head charlie rose's prominence. On the adventure scene here after setting out to circumnavigate the uk by sup with justice board limited supplies and no money on a mission to explore and raise awareness around mental health charlie's undertaken some pretty epic sup adventures abroad here and abroad. Everywhere from greenland to ethiopia so without further ado charlie how's it going? Yeah, really good to have you on. Um I was trying to think today when was the first time I discovered Charlie head. And I I was actually writing some podcast questions and I was looking through evernote which is like ah a notepad app that I use um on the computer and I put in Charlie when I was starting the note and then it said Charlie head and I saw a note from yestival 2000 and 16 and it said Charlie head. Funny good at speaking get on pod and 5 years later we've done it so nice quick turnaround. Yes, a bite. Um I I was when ah when I used to live in London um I discovered the the yes invites and went along to a yes of all thought it was a really really cool experience. Um, so. Ah, certainly was but I've been out of that I've just not lived in London for a long time now. Um, so I'm kind of a little bit removed from it all. But it's um, it's great. It's great group of people and and a really really cool thing. Are you still doing anything you still involved at all.

02:27.29 Charlie Head Hi making how are doing very well. Thanks.

03:44.34 calltoadventure Um, yeah, yeah, been a while we'll both have to rock up to a yes tribe event at some point Charlie before we get into the meat and potatoes normally like to do a few quick fire questions. So.

03:05.89 Charlie Head Yeah, and say oh right? So you you a? Ah, what do you call the a yes trybu.

04:02.12 calltoadventure Ready for these. Ah, okay, first 1 nice and easy maybe tent or campervan.

04:31.27 calltoadventure Probably probably camper but you want what do you want like a super awesome camper.

03:43.42 Charlie Head I haven't I haven't I think the last time I saw that lot was when I was halfway through England or wales.

03:58.44 Charlie Head Little stop off had a little chat and then went back out again.

04:54.84 calltoadventure Yeah, yeah, I hear that and um, yeah I think I'd struggled to buy something giant now if it wasn't electric I think I just feel terrible driving that round I did see that Ford are releasing an electric version of their f 1 fifty.

04:11.91 Charlie Head Yeah, cool.

05:14.15 calltoadventure Have you seen that like the most popular truck that all of like the people in Alaska Drive. It's an absolute monster and um I'm sure it's probably not that reasonably priced yet. But that would be pretty cool. I Don't think I've actually seen the Tesla truck.

04:39.83 Charlie Head So Simple but so difficult. Um I think I think it would be a campervan but with very specific. Ingredients and I But yes.

05:38.14 calltoadventure I'm going to I going to have to take a look. Yeah I think um is it I'd imagine also pretty expensive. Yeah yeah, once those lotto numbers come in. We'll be heading straight to tesla buying some big fans. Okay number 2

04:55.61 Charlie Head So far. Awesome! It's going to be run electric and have the facilities and the the gear that I can carry you know Obviously ah I Love a good.

05:53.30 calltoadventure Childhood hero.

05:07.19 Charlie Head In the day I'm ah I need a Swiss Army knife. Do you know what? I mean so I need I need to carry.

06:20.40 calltoadventure We can go for ran. He's pretty. Ah, even if it was in teens. Yeah I went to go and watch him speak not that long ago. Um, and I love his understated manner of ah, it's like very old school british.

05:44.77 Charlie Head Oh my eyes are on the Tesla truck to be honest style name.

06:37.77 calltoadventure Ah, he's like it was minus 65 outside and a little chilly I I love his style. It's ah it's awesome. Yeah yeah, love with around finds. Um favorite country.

05:51.72 Charlie Head It looks like my first lego car. It's brilliant.

06:55.47 calltoadventure Other than england.

07:00.81 calltoadventure Umm, anywhere in particular.

06:20.57 Charlie Head Hero I think I think in terms of exploration I think it was is ran. Fines is 1 of my.

07:11.43 calltoadventure Ah, so is is it A people thing.

06:31.90 Charlie Head Teen then but childhood.

06:40.28 Charlie Head Yeah, yeah, 60 it all roads.

07:35.96 calltoadventure Really interesting Africa's the 1 continent I really don't know very well at all. So kenya you mentioned, but anywhere else where would you really recommend to go and discover proper africa for me to put on the bucket list.

07:04.28 Charlie Head And now and now I have no fingers. Yeah.

07:16.30 Charlie Head Um, Africa but the motherland. Um, so.

07:30.31 Charlie Head Um, I yeah, it's a culture thing. It's ah people. Yeah absolutely I mean I lived in Kenya for a bit but so but.

08:35.53 calltoadventure Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm I'm quite a big fan as Well. I know exactly what you mean I was just um, go and going out to 1 of our winter mountaineering trips and the pyrenees in the winter this winter as well. Um, and. I Asked a mate and I said you want to come Along. He's quite into climbing as Well. He said yeah, sounds amazing, but um, want to do something with my girlfriend. She's just completely adverse to the cold and some people just hate it. They just they can't get on board. But um.

08:12.83 Charlie Head Um, well I I love I Love a frozen landscape.

09:09.65 calltoadventure I yeah I don't know what it is I mean she's she is from the south of france and I guess we've probably got a bit more northern european than us. So um, but yeah I I love the cold lived in sweden last year. Even though we're in Southern sweden but um had a really really good winter. Lots of swimming in super cold. Icy water and it was I felt like a real adventure I'm I'm a big fan but I would love to get out to greenland or or somewhere like that and see or spalbard and go a lot more north so on the bucket list too. Okay, last 1.

08:40.28 Charlie Head With people traveling to really enjoy that environment and thrive in it. You know it's is pretty.

09:45.95 calltoadventure Quickfire Ale Lager or cider.

09:59.31 calltoadventure Okay, we'll get. We'll go with a we'll go with this harder then okay, any anything in particular, you are loyal to the scots.

10:42.60 calltoadventure Yeah, when we're up doing Ben nevis and and a trip up there probably 2 years ago given covid um got to have a little explore and ah and a bit of a taste. Ah and it was it was awesome it was really really good. It's like a whole world that I'd never discovered before and um.

10:09.12 Charlie Head Um, do you like a Naga but really my body My body likes to so.

11:02.43 calltoadventure Yeah I can see how you can get really really into it have really randomly. Yeah I'm almost certain you haven't but I'm going to just go for it anyway. Have you ever seen the guy I I don't think he's a comedian. He's like a famous I think he's being serious. He's like a famous whiskey drinker and ah.

10:31.31 Charlie Head Oh yes I mean it's It's not like yeah I mean I learned a lot I mean it's not really.

11:22.36 calltoadventure Videos for him on Youtube he's got a mustache and he's kind of like middle aged scottish guy and he always like puts the the whiskey in his mouth and then like spits it out and he's like he's he's a bit like an alan partridge but of.

10:42.40 Charlie Head You know it's It's each to your own but you know the the age thing is kind of almost like you're paying for the rent. So it's a subject you like I like a non- petered.

11:35.92 calltoadventure Of the whiskey tasting world If you haven't seen it I'll I'll send it to you because he's He's pretty phenomenal. Yeah yeah, I'll love to find his name. He's amazing. But yeah, okay so let's dig into.

10:57.41 Charlie Head Oak Barrel Yeah I think that's my favorite at the moment.

11:51.33 calltoadventure Paddleboarding So you've obviously got a lot of awesome paddleboarding adventures under your belt. Um, how did how did the sub start. How did you get into it.

12:20.52 Charlie Head Well, it was at a time where I I kind of had started up ah a water sports school on the other way doing a lot of kite surfing wind surfing.

12:34.84 Charlie Head Eighteen nineteen and and parddleboarding would just sort of come into the scene but it was at a at a time my life I was going through a bit of a transition with getting mask kicked in business. Um and invested a lot of things and. Got into trouble with with going into business with certain people. You know, like renting a building from someone who didn't own it and and an engineer an engineer leaving a bolt in my engine which just destroyed it and took a long time before I realized what had happened and. I was meant to take him to court as meant to go through all this and there was a relationship think you know there's times in your life where everything just like fucks up all at the same time and it was kind of and I thought rather than just being relentless in my pursuit I thought I needed to let. Of my talent. You know my clutches. In in trying to create a really ah great school where you learn so much more From. And and have that kind of space. Um, and I took paddleboarding and I thought well I need to I need to ah kind of need to refigure myself out and and forge a new relationship with with myself with the world with business and so I use it as a tool to really.

14:40.30 calltoadventure You mentioned crossing Oceans then so I know lots of people row oceans. But um, how do you Paddle Board an ocean I get kind of the same I get I guess.

14:01.50 Charlie Head Um, yeah, go name for that horizon. But it was and it was a time where nothing was nothing much it really really? ah, really was going on you know And so yeah and I took it as my as a gift as a gift to me for my own expression. Really.

14:24.54 Charlie Head Went for the moon and was like right? I'm gonna try and do the hardest possible Rivers I'm gonna cross see an ocean I'm gonna and and then set.

14:35.92 Charlie Head Get to that point. Um and very nearly ticked all those boxes. But.

14:48.81 Charlie Head Selling myself? Um, and so yeah I settled up a bit but there that was that was the spawning.

15:10.12 Charlie Head Well, it's to be honest, Yeah, it's not.

16:03.43 calltoadventure Yeah I guess that's kind of what makes it hard. It's a bit like her just the the never ending grind. Ah what about people who haven't tried paddleboarding. So I think supping is has become a lot more popular recently right? It's kind of exploded in the last few years

15:17.78 Charlie Head The same. There's not not much in it Really I mean the um the chap the South African chap who who.

15:25.43 Charlie Head You to he? Ah, he just used what was an ocean rowing boat called Soma which was cut down the size a little bit.

16:23.50 calltoadventure And it's a good, really good thing to try because it's like no impact it doesn't have like a really steep learning curve like surfing For example, um so a lot of people want to try it? Um, but I think some people still haven't yet any tips for.

15:35.50 Charlie Head It's got a cabin carbon kevlar very light and it's got a cabin up front. So the wind hits it and the Atlantic's just a nice downwinder I mean like it like it is for the Pacific You know if you go in the right place you know like when I sailed across.

16:41.98 calltoadventure Beginners or people to encouragement to get into it.

15:52.68 Charlie Head Once it was just downwards so you carry the catch the trades and it's just ah, it's just seeing out the days. You know you put in the time you do your routine and you get through it and it's quite a good. You know it's a good Pr Ah it's a good Pr machine but there's to be honest, not much not much in it.

16:18.54 Charlie Head But um, yeah, yeah, quite dull most of the time.

17:31.44 calltoadventure Yeah, yeah, so what's ah, what's like ah what are a couple of people are listening just thinking. Yeah, okay I'm I'm down I want to want to do an ocean 1 day but I've not tried paddleboarding yet. What's a good like entry paddleboard. How much would you spend on it. Should you get a hard 1 or an inflatable 1.

17:05.30 Charlie Head Well I mean that's it, You just you just said. Very easy. You know you can make it as hard as you like but for for for the startup. It's it's you know.

17:22.20 Charlie Head Position. So but it is it is can give you. Sense of Security. Um, and so you know it's you've got to you've got to take in the considerations you would for.

18:12.83 Charlie Head Yes, I mean the inflatable is is the natural the natural first steps and it and it's advice. It's good for good for everything really, it's ah it's you know it's it's soft. It's portable.

18:33.94 Charlie Head Something It's um, you know, very very strong Pvc. So it lasts forever I mean unfortunately bvc's still bit. Um, it's yeah, it's perfect and you know you need something that. And I mean unless you want to kick the waves and you just want to get in really getting.

18:57.33 Charlie Head Ah, probably a good a good stance to start. But um, yeah I mean it's It's very easy to buy a cheap paderboard.

19:58.66 calltoadventure Um.

19:11.69 Charlie Head Pvc and is Reina but you will notice a big difference between.

20:03.16 calltoadventure Not 1

20:09.00 calltoadventure Cool. Yeah, and I mean buying secondhand always good good for the wallet good for the planet. Um, but here are a couple of brands that like the 2 or 3 who like they're pretty solid if you if you go for 1 of them.

19:23.74 Charlie Head Noboxs Sort of thing it will you all notice a difference. Um, so I do recommend people put in the box to get a. Ah, and you know because there are things that can happen. They can bubble up. They can.

19:38.86 Charlie Head Seam The the pump of pressure you can put it at you want a lot of pressure so you make it stiff. Um and you know so so I do recommend that because I know there's ah because there's such a surge in in demand that there's There's so many people.

19:57.51 Charlie Head Cheap and you know I'd so I would say invest and you know you want to second hands up to 500 quid you know 6 7 under quid for a new 1 you know? that's you can get really good ones up to a thousand now you know it does make a big difference but it is it is it is heavy but you're not the. Ah, Secondhand market for them is great. So it's very very easy to sell them and pass them on second hand. So um, yeah, it's ah it's worth.

21:12.77 calltoadventure Okay, cool. Awesome. So everybody's got everything they need to hit the water now now let's hear a bit about the circumnavigating the Uk So what did you? What did you actually do? What did you do.

20:34.31 Charlie Head I.

21:31.26 calltoadventure Charlie.

20:44.14 Charlie Head Well, there's a reason why I use fanatic and that's because they.

20:55.15 Charlie Head Um, there's Freshwater Bay Paddleboards from the isle of wight and again they are quite sustainably made and if you jump on their site. It shows you.

21:10.19 Charlie Head Ah, great and honor and integrity is what it's all about with these brands so freshwater bay powder boards fanatic and then you know you've got the the the main brands that cover the kiting in the windsurfing world from Nash jp all that you know they've all got good quality.

21:49.52 Charlie Head Right? Gosh it was ah dude I mean it was. it's it's it's it's a a pilgrimage of sort. You know it's been a. It's been over nine years I mean if you put all the all the segment. The 3 segments. Together. The night is of 8 months.

22:10.95 Charlie Head Like that. But it's it was done in ah in a period of my own progress. Really I mean I started off. You know, sort of barefoot with a radio and a phone and nothing else you know and I just did the South coast and it was very organic, very free and that was. And that was a bit like the the place I was at and then and then from there ah me I when I was campaigning the ocean crossing of stuff I very nearly made that work with red bull. Um, but we ended up going with the Amazon. Then I went through a journey of working within that industry and with tv and with bigger budgets bigger consequences and I had just really great learning curve of working like that. Um, and then came back. Um. And then it was you know and and then the blue nile I use what I ah learned from that too and with with a good friend Ben peters to to build an education program which would which. Position with support um came after so so then then england and wales and that was that was when I realized that I wasn't going to get this ocean pod built in time I couldn't raise the money in time. Um, and so i. That's when I really committed to.

23:44.93 Charlie Head Um, my own my own self you know and and and like I said that expression and and learning about my mind and learning about my feelings and and realizing that you know I've been masking a lot of stuff and I've been surviving and however much I was. Free spirit and and very much my own person I was still bound by a hopeless people pplesing kind of you know, shackled to to old cog cogs of a world that I'm trying to be a part of rather than actually carving my my. My own true path in life and and so I I set out to do that. Um, and and yeah and I got to the border and I was running because the whole point was to be a social experiment to to connect myself with people. And to show my underbelly and and and let. Be do the same um and then I got to the border and I was like well I'm gonna do that the scotland in the winter but I'm gonna miss out on the people and the stories and so I decided to cut across the border and and do the others the coast and then save Scotland from my final my final. My final lessons and and then it became more and more potent you know and you know it was it was a profound fast track in learning about myself. It really was and I i. I want truth and I have massive trust problems which is not very difficult to have in the world that we live in and I mean even round to the learning about that is I I didn't even I didn't even learn about mental health I didn't want. To read I didn't want to learn anything other than forging it by myself because it's so easy to use other people's words. And to express yourself and kind of like prop yourself up on the education and the experience of other people and out there and I and I and I I just I didn't want to be part of my own bullshit. You know I wanted I wanted me to be warts and all I wanted you know I wanted you see.

26:07.81 Charlie Head Myself be a clumsy honest, truthful stumbling expression of of what I'm learning and it was painful as hell but it was you know liberating because it was truth and and you know and I was going to fight for it. But I I thought that was. That was really important and it was important for people to see that and like I said be be an opportunity for for them to connect with me and the right people to connect with me and to find my people and and then for them to use use me as a mobile confession Bolt. Use me as a proper catalyst to to express themselves and then I got this just incredible um connection with all these people from so many different. And so many different and yeah and have this potent intensity with them and then I'm on to the next and we both learn something from each other and um, and and then I can and then carry on. And and then try to capture those stories and.

27:17.58 Charlie Head Um, and so that that was the the depth of it and coupled with me getting my ass kicked as much.

27:26.36 Charlie Head An Ingredient you know I Um I don't deal with. Well and the the adventure in the expiration industry is quite.. It's got quite a lot of fluff in it, especially Tv as well. And so I you know people needed to see me bleed people needed to see me fight for it and I loved and I love that you know, um, you know life is life is torturous. But.

27:51.83 Charlie Head And you know it's a bit like the mental health in in living with the darkness and not just sugar coating it and not just getting rid of it. You know and always trying to find this this this perfection. You know, life's not about pleasure. It's it's finding that peace.

28:58.60 calltoadventure And I think on that same point doing it without money Also ah seems like a key part of it as well because it really adds to your vulnerability and makes it far more intense. It's just kind of like dialing up.

28:09.99 Charlie Head And so it it was having and it and it made those new relationships. It made that new perspective. You know you can heal the body you can heal everything with with the power of the mind and I and I learnt the profound.

29:16.93 calltoadventure The intensity dial on the trip right? because it takes away your safety Net you become very reliant on other people. Um did.

28:27.00 Charlie Head Relationship between my mind and my body and what my body can do and how I can control it and how I can control my thoughts and how I can take.

28:37.77 Charlie Head And and empower myself to to balance.

28:43.92 Charlie Head Quite extraordinary but I needed to put myself in a deep end I needed to. Needed a fight for it I needed to and and that's why alone and unsupported because.

28:59.70 Charlie Head Inside of you. You can't You can't lean on anything.

29:09.80 Charlie Head And um, and so everything like I said was very intense and.

30:26.77 calltoadventure It's really interesting to hear you say that you didn't want to read other people's thoughts on it or on on kind of mental health and whatever this is kind of transcendence or self-development. Whatever you call it and it's a really interesting outlook.

29:42.57 Charlie Head I think I added a lot of ingredients which made it quite difficult but it was a very important 1 and it made me have to open up. It made me have to um, but not really ask for help but because that mutated my relationship because.

30:42.71 calltoadventure I Think there's very few times that we do that in life now because we have the crutch or maybe you could say the opportunity to learn from a lot of others but you will always be um I shouldn't say tainted but you will you will.

30:02.90 Charlie Head Need to own the story as well. I don't want to be running long I help you know it's ah and it's it's it's just being there and talking about it and them choosing to be part of it and then it's their story as well rather than beforcing old people. So it was it was tiptoeing around it. But yes.

30:59.84 calltoadventure Always be changed or influenced by the things that you read and you can never really get those fresh eyes back once you've seen something So I think that's a really interesting way to approach it that you wanted the experiential knowledge not the kind of learned.

30:19.56 Charlie Head But also make it it. It makes you innovate and but that made it very stressful as well because I had enough to do as well as um, not have the security to lean on of what's going to happen next. So so it was a.

31:17.52 calltoadventure Theory that we might be able to go and access in ah how to make friends and influence people or you know like a very popular self-help book. It's ah it's ah, quite a different approach for modernity.

30:38.98 Charlie Head Almost almost became too much but yes and very important ingredient.

31:34.83 calltoadventure What was there something that was the catalyst at the start that made you want to go on the journey to do all this self-exploration.

31:52.80 Charlie Head Yeah, absolutely yeah yeah.

32:05.55 Charlie Head Well I mean it's always been there. But I mean we live in a world Very competitive world and we're always trying to get ahead and I've always been slightly ahead. Um I've been always slightly behind in some aspects but that probably makes me compense over compensate and being slightly ahead in others. So. There's always that Drive. You know I went into business really early and very hungry went into education Loved education was appalled at mine and how how how the system coped with me and and that was a big inspiration to actually try and offer. Occasion opportunities for people.

32:50.33 Charlie Head Whether it's dealing with Dyslexia or. You know alternative mindsets you know whether you're creative you know and there's the whole conservative liberal mindset. You know there's left There's right and you know we're live in a sort of conservative world that farms creative people because it's a business structured world. You know and. You know and I and I seen the world slowly get get the hang of things and and change. But it's also slow and I and I carried a lot of bitterness by the lack of acceptance of who I was and and how I was dealt with because I was so hungry for education i. Loved it. But i. Was just a little bit a feel bit. So so it it was you know and then later on in life. You know I I jumped out of school early and I I hid away from education because I was I was sort of given a lot of grief for it and I just hid myself in the sports field and and then I was. Really really, really upset about it and and so education became very important for me to try and um, you know create those opportunities for others but then I started teaching before I'd even grown before I was you know and it's very easy to teach.

34:42.13 calltoadventure Yeah, so what was your school like what was a typical day like I think a lot of people who haven't experienced anything similar could do with some color around what a day looks like on a giant adventure like that.

34:10.81 Charlie Head Beyond yourself. You know it's not necessarily being good at what you do, It's just about reaching that person to get them.

35:01.49 calltoadventure Um, yeah, yeah.

34:19.88 Charlie Head And and touching people. So I mean you know what? I mean so ah I I was teaching way ahead of myself and I recognized it and I was cowardly I found it I found a cowardly cowardliness in that because I was trying to be ahead of the game. And so I needed to humble up and I needed to go back to.

34:50.78 Charlie Head Licking it licking it and eating it and and getting getting eaten by it. So ah so that that was you know that was That's how.

35:18.57 Charlie Head Um, oh what? sorry going around the Uk right? a day a day in the light but well yeah, it's funny because you know I'm dealing with something very emotional and by the time you do a whole day. Paddling and exhausted and you've done.

35:41.94 Charlie Head You got a lot of risk so you're kind of in a flow state. So there's a huge focus I have huge comedowns but added on top of that is a highly emotional incentive and through the day I'm going through very emotional feelings and thoughts. And yeah.

36:01.89 Charlie Head Bursting into tears over over so much but it was it was powerful but it was sort of almost unsustainable because I've just from every angle I'm just so Exhausted. Um, so I learned how to sort of control my feelings and thoughts a little bit more. I was just I was what I call a baby scorpion and I was just emptying all my venom into into.

36:33.56 Charlie Head Neat and and emotionally invested into everything so much that it was unsustainable. So I had I learned how to still give myself but always keep a leg out for me so I could sustain that that emotional.

36:53.53 Charlie Head Paddles each day and each each crossings is all about the crossings. Really, it was mini achievements to get to the end goal and.

37:04.30 Charlie Head And and sort of honoring the place and the people you know it's not just about getting round for the sake of it. So. You know, like the pilgrimage is sort So so it was exhausting to start with um and and but that's what you master you know and doing big crossings. You know you learn about the big things teach you about the little things.

37:41.95 Charlie Head That was fascinating and learning you know? And so yeah and then you arrive exhausted and you know not always. There was a plan so sometimes end up sleeping on.

38:38.64 calltoadventure Yeah, like forging the Diamond under high pressure. So so you've you've got to the end of the day you're exhausted you kind of have to improvise and find some shelter and you did a lot of sleeping wild. Um, but the actual big.

37:58.33 Charlie Head You know boy with ah in a goat shed being licked by a goat at 3 o'clock in the morning. Um you know and that was part of it. You know the ridiculous the silliness of it that that was that was coupled in there and then that was the beautiful organic flow of it. You know and sometimes it it.

38:56.31 calltoadventure Kind of a big crossing day like what are we talking here in terms of how many hours you paddling how far you going? What's the what are the things that you're thinking about you've got shipping lanes like what? what's the actual day like itself.

38:17.60 Charlie Head You know it tested destiny because you know it connected me with incredible people and storieings. So organically that that reassured reassured things a lot. Um, and yeah you know and you take yeah so so then and then camp up and then and then assess.

39:14.23 calltoadventure Like a big day.

38:36.52 Charlie Head Situation. But it's Funny. You know you start getting exhausted but actually all that happened is that I became stronger and stronger and like you know and I I felt I needed that that resistance should be powerful I felt great and it just took the edge off. So. You know? Um, so I Yeah I.

39:33.17 Charlie Head So I guess leading up to a big crossing I don't know whether to you you could talk Moy fith or crossing to the hebrides or.

39:44.22 Charlie Head All those those ones were a lot of problem solving initially because you had to have the right getting the tides right? the weather right? Um, and and your contingency plan if if a happened and if B happened and what you would do? um. And you you go through all this and then you let go of it because you have done it so much and and it's so natural and instinctive. There's no point focusing on it when I'm gone I need to be really present because it's a bit like using technology or your instincts. You know you kind of. Lean lean on the technology in it and it loosens off your your. Um, so it's so once I'd done all that all that problem solving then I'm just in and focused and then I'm paying attention to where my route. Um and how I'm traveling. But. Shipping lane all that jazz and you kind of let go of the problems a bit. It's a bit like the flow State. You know I call it the slow flow because I'm going bloody slowly so it's ah not you know, like the free climbing in itself is is slow but it's got even more gravity. Exactly. The problem but it's it's a background noise that that props you up to be really focused and present and and efficient. But you don't you don't dwell on it. You know you don't you don't.

41:19.89 Charlie Head You you you know you know what you're going to do when things happen and. Just got a focus on the job. So that's a really important relationship with yourself and a really important relationship with fear. So let go of it and then I'm on the whole day. Dude say you know whether it's seventy five K eighty five k or 1 hundred hundred or forty. Whatever it is fifteen hours Twenty hours of constant paddling and when I eat I'll sit down have a couple of mouthfuls and then keep padling and even when I'm sat down having some food I'll keep paddling keep paddling and keep that. Keep that rhythm going so it is is and in the entire day you know and that's day or night and it's.

42:08.53 Charlie Head Yeah, it's ah, a beast and my board's heavy. So it's um, you know there's not not a nice fluid glide you know once I've done my pull on on my paddle you know I lose all my momentum and then I gain again. So it's.

42:24.40 Charlie Head Push I distribute the weight through different muscles change my design to to to relax different parts of me. Um I sing to myself I talked to myself a rap to myself god knows I didn't they got I didn't record that shit but I did have fun. Did a fun doing that. Um, but otherwise paying attention to the meetteka detail. You know it's like I togg them out the small things you know I'm focusing on the slight differentiations of of shade you know and I'm triangulating my position with with the tiniest of of bits. Information in the distance you know and I'm aiming for land I can't see most of the time because of the curvature of the Earth. So. It's kind of like you know, sometimes quite. You know daunting really to not know your true progress but with the technology you know you can you can aid that but I I kind of didn't want to use that. Too much. It's good to have it there but it was important.

43:26.33 Charlie Head Be to see how I do and to see see if I can use those use that knowledge so you know so yeah, but then the technology did did take over me.

43:43.45 Charlie Head I started nerding out on on my on my paddle strokes and and how fast I was going and and then that gave me information about how the tide was doing and and then I could feel on every paddle stroke eventually I could feel. how many miles that how many miles I'll be doing an hour just by the pressure on my paddle stroke I got so nerdy and I was like oh that's a 16 minute mile. Oh that's a ten minute and then I could adjust and then I challenged myself to see if I could guess what I would do in that mile and I just because you know I'm with myself a lot and if I'm not thinking. About my fears and inseccurities and my hopes and dreams I'm paying attention to these tiniest details you know and my body is performing and such a such a such an incredible rate. You know I mean you can sit in front of the tv and wolf a whole pack. Of eminems and it's like Bob you wouldn't even notice but me in such that state I just won eminem I could so I could feel and feel its energy and and and and its effect because everything's so heightened so efficient and and so it's like it was it was extraordinary like like.

45:44.70 calltoadventure Yeah, it sounds like a state of extreme mindfulness and mindfulness is the I think of it as the the state of being Non -d distracted so it's not doing more. It's just.

44:58.41 Charlie Head So and and how my my my brain and communicate to my body and in in distributing its energy its water and its and its strength and and how how it stops certain things going on in my body to to focus it on on the job in hand and.

46:04.54 calltoadventure Not being distracted. It's kind of knowing what's going on and I've been really big into meditation for a number of years now and there's lots of different exercise that you can do and some of them are like eating soup really slowly for example, um, something that's kind of very bland but you can just take a long time. That's it as loud as you can, but.

45:18.70 Charlie Head Extraordinary all this relationship that's going on that's sort of nothing to do with me in a way you know I've put it in its in its position because it's my brain's conscious of it. But my body is doing a job by itself and it's a part of me that sort of almost let.

46:23.83 calltoadventure With as much presence, but it's um, it's It's a fascinating experience and it and it is interesting like these kind of long ah endurance type adventures like I had a lot of moments on my bike when we were cycling around on our on our trip where I would feel that kind of flow state.

45:37.50 Charlie Head Go and trust it after a while because it's got such an efficient. That's why we can always do way more than we think we can.

45:49.43 Charlie Head Me a feet on top of a beat. Um, so so that was you know that's that's.

46:43.80 calltoadventure And you rarely get an opportunity in modern life to experience that over hours like if we now if I have twenty minutes then well I'd meditate for twenty minutes and I think that's a pretty good amount of time. Um in a formal session and then try to bring it out into the rest of life because otherwise what's the point.

46:04.59 Charlie Head So it's beautiful. Beautiful.

47:03.71 calltoadventure But we we always have so much to do in like a modern life compared with when you're on a long bike trip or a long Sup or a long run where you do the same thing for just hours and hours and hours a day and it's this like in there's there's lots of shit stuff about it. But there's lots of great stuff about this. Blissful amount of time that you have to connect with that kind of thing and just be not say like not taught 21 not do anything for hours but just kind of be with whatever's going on there and I know that sounds a little bit out there and a bit lazy as a description. But um, it's It's an incredible.. It's an incredibly powerful experience I think it's 1 of the things that I missed the most climbing I still get get it a little bit now. But um, those long rides with just nothing. But. Whatever you're doing. There are incredible moments that will always treasure.

48:41.62 calltoadventure Yeah, pretty cool. So We talked a little bit about mental health but what was the link for you. You've talked about kind of exploring your own psyche and self. But I know that you're involved with some work that you do with mental health and dare to Express. So. Love to hear a bit more about that.

49:09.25 calltoadventure So you talked a little bit about how whilst you were traveling. You did it to kind of inspect your own psyche. But then you've done some work with dare to express and I think those things are.

48:19.57 Charlie Head Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, life turns into a bit of a time lapse as it's all.

48:30.74 Charlie Head Yeah, you're going with with time rather than yeah dancing around it. You know you are weird dreams about time traveling because I'm going with the tide and then my life's around the tide and that's obviously.

49:26.34 calltoadventure Related but different. There's a lot of people who are suffering with what we'd call mental Health illness and then there's exploring your own psyche for possibly mental health reasons. But it's also kind of interest and introspective so on the mental Health illness side.

48:47.78 Charlie Head Sun and sun and moon and and so it's kind of like ah you know I'm feeling time in a way and I'm sort.

49:46.13 calltoadventure Um, I know that you've done some work with dare to express. But I don't know much about that as an organization or um, why you became involved with that.

49:24.90 Charlie Head So what? So what? So what part of the mental health.

51:04.17 calltoadventure Yeah, yeah I can he fine? yeah.

50:15.35 Charlie Head Okay, well I mean them specifically I Love the name but it was.

50:22.79 Charlie Head Ah, new and and the work he was doing is is is similar to to a lot of work that's going on but really, it's providing a safe space in the community.

50:36.12 Charlie Head Financial support ah to have to have the support um for their needs and and I can save space. Um the nhs can't go and handle lit and there's there's a lot of growing it. But it's down to the communities and it's down to what should be perfect. Normal, um and having that support system and as are I don't know as I motion.

51:08.58 Charlie Head There's a new design and.

51:18.31 Charlie Head Community I mean we have communities but ah, can you hear me right? because you've suddenly gone quiet all right? Sorry um, there's ah, there's there's ah, there's a massive emptiness which comes with with business society politics and ah you know.

51:45.45 Charlie Head Because it's just so much of an illusion and we we hack our own minds. We don't even know we're doing it and and so having having community Really the ultimate community is kind of the enemy.

52:10.86 Charlie Head Everything functions and there's no division. There's diversity. But there's no division and you know there's no,, There's no using that as ah as a way of creating economy you know and there's trust and there's truth and there's support and and you know it's it's. Sad. It's Sad. It's really sad. Um, and and I just think that's that's a huge thing that needs to happen. But unfortunately people need to be organized and we need to be there for each other. But it's ah it's a fierce world and competitive and insecure.

52:47.81 Charlie Head Ingredient and so and um, and also it it. You know ignorance which is all part of that is also another very important ingredient and so how do you? you know, getting the education out there and getting that connection between each other.

53:08.44 Charlie Head Then it should be and but that's what's needed and then that's that's you know that's where we can. Um, we can be there for each other you know So So I think that was just really important and I was just hoping that. Because I saw I saw the people I met and the connections I had and then. People connected with other people and kind of left awake behind you of of some.

53:47.39 Charlie Head Create each other through that and be that support because everything.

53:56.10 Charlie Head Um, and there's this sort of clumsy transition of our conscience.

54:06.36 Charlie Head Sort of you know you're still under the thumb of these old boys.

54:14.35 Charlie Head You know that that skin needs to die out before before the next generation can really have the true expression and have the power um to lead to lead a new way of supporting each other you know I mean obviously climate change and as much as it.

55:16.25 calltoadventure No I thought it was I think that's that's a really interesting way of looking at it that I that that climate change is almost like a coming of age ceremony for a person but for humanity and it's kind of like we have to mature.

54:31.91 Charlie Head It's not it's it is going to break.

55:34.95 calltoadventure Out of childish ways to go and become if it was us go and become a man you know and accept responsibility and grow and acknowledge ah kind of our place in the world and how things need to change. So I think it's um, there's.

54:48.10 Charlie Head You know and business and now it's all about giving back. It's all about B Corp. It's all about you know, having that underneath and it's almost. It's almost immoral to not have that support in business.

55:02.80 Charlie Head And and all that you know there's a whole new design that needs to happen. But then we're going through the sort of transition. Um, and the people who are in the power and have been part of the problem and have been greenwashing and have been manipulating things are going to continue their power but it's going to have a new design but um.

55:54.13 calltoadventure I mean there's lots of scary stuff. You look at now projections from like climate action tracker that were on target for 2 point four degrees warming that's above 2 degrees and definitely above the 1 point five that we're that we're really aiming for after paris so and seeing cop.

55:21.99 Charlie Head But it's still clumsy and we've still got a lot to do and to to sort of rise up and and get organized and be there for each other you know and empower each other. Um, so I kind of went off 1 i.

56:13.19 calltoadventure It's not very encouraging. Um, there's definitely been a real lack of action there when we'd hope that um now is the time to step up agree to phase out coal agreed to set some decent targets to reach net zero not just commitments how we're actually going to get there. So it's um, there's.

55:35.61 Charlie Head Question was. But yeah, yeah, yeah.

56:31.96 calltoadventure In lots of ways. It's a very scary time but I also ever the optimist I think I am also seeing more exciting initiatives and new ways of bringing about community or. More sustainable ways of living or circular economy or regenerative farming practices. Um there. There is a lot of amazing, really encouraging stuff going on as well. So um I think it's this fascinating mix and as the problem gets Bigger. We'll only have to come up with. Better solutions. So I think there's there's still lots of hope yet. Yeah yeah, so Charlie um. What's next in terms of have you got any ideas for big adventures or is there are any collaborations that you want to do? Ah, what do you think or are you just kind of enjoying not thinking about that yet.

57:40.30 calltoadventure Yeah, new adventures next chapter for Charlie head.

57:33.61 Charlie Head I think but yeah, yeah.

57:50.60 Charlie Head Um.

57:56.24 Charlie Head Your sound disappeared on me there. Um, new adventures. Yeah yup, well charlie but I he um so next next next next there is always next but really. Want to support a lot of other people because I think adventure and exploration is ah is ah is a pretty.

58:25.24 Charlie Head Um, conservation decolonestation of dam.

58:31.71 Charlie Head And and using it as ah, as ah as ah as a great dance and a great way to aid science and Education. So I am all four armed and ready to support people who need the help getting their own expression going to support these probleming. I look at I look at it as the the anchor men for education the anchor men for the planet So that is ah good as you get as the planet Pulleys. So So I'm I'm trying my best to support other people. Um, to do their to do their missions. Um I've got plenty myself, but really, it's about how I can aid science.

59:18.12 Charlie Head Some trips up north. There's things like deploying.

01:00:12.83 calltoadventure We sure are now's the time to step up and an admirable mission. Um I bet I think that's really cool. That's awesome to hear And yeah I I hope that I'd like to think that.

59:29.12 Charlie Head Raising awareness for conservation areas. Blue belts are impact with the marine life and using that to to way to bring about some fun education for the kids so they get to see some adventure.

01:00:31.67 calltoadventure I'm also on a similar mission as well. So if we can help anybody out with whatever they're trying to do reach out to me or Charlie and we'll do our best to help. However, we can Charlie Thanks for coming on the pod. It's been really really good to chat where where's good.

59:48.18 Charlie Head As well. So That's that's that's that's the art. That's the art of it. And so that's yes I mean in terms of a specifics I mean there's I mean I've I've talked about um, there's there's lots of rivers but really like I said there's is focusing on the things that are under threat and how our a a D Science. So I'm kind of.

01:00:47.75 calltoadventure For people to find out a bit more about you if they want to I know you've got a number of Youtube videos. You've got a bit of content out there so where are the best places for them to to catch you on the flip side.

01:00:14.11 Charlie Head Giving that the priority. There's lots of lots of places that are beautiful and wonderful and lots of records to break and all that jazz. But really, it's it's.

01:00:33.39 Charlie Head My pile. Yeah, my paddles as.

01:01:28.88 calltoadventure Yeah, Charlie heads up on Instagram or if you just google charlie head then you'll very cool. Awesome good stuff. Well charlie thanks for coming on great to chat listeners. Watches everybody. Yeah, it's been It's been definitely been too long. So um, we'll have to go out for a paddleboard or some adventure at some point and go and talk about saving the planet and discovering the inner workings of our being and mind so um.

01:01:03.80 Charlie Head Not.

01:02:07.24 calltoadventure And then and then have a few beers. So yeah I'm looking forward to that but listeners viewers. Thanks for tuning in watching so until next time peace.

01:01:18.10 Charlie Head Yeah, well I've I've been a bit inconsistent a bit lazy with the old social stuff. So um I do have a youtube channel and there's a few things but.

01:01:30.37 Charlie Head Know the usual social stuff. But yeah I am still still still trying to evolve that side of things. But yeah jolly head It should be fairly easy to charlie.

01:01:44.28 Charlie Head Um, and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:01:52.76 Charlie Head Yeah Instagram Facebook There's a page there I think.

01:02:05.48 Charlie Head Yeah, lovely find limiche. Yeah yeah.

01:02:37.79 Charlie Head Let's see later.

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