Carla Molinaro is an endurance athlete, ultra runner, running coach, and speaker

Carla Molinaro

September 12, 2020

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Editor credit: A big thank you to our editor Jakub Marzec (Kuba) for his work on this!

  • the most important things to work on as a beginner runner
  • cultivating a love for running
  • choose a sport you enjoy
  • yoga for runners
  • quick wins to improving your running
  • breathing for runners - using the breath as a guide
  • Carla's advice for couch potatoes trying their first 5k
  • couch to 5k
  • trail running - how to get into trail running
  • ultra tour de mont blanc
  • the vertical kilometres, Chamonix
  • Kílian Jornet
  • how to prevent injuries
  • the importance of strength and conditioning
  • what is the best footwear for runners? What type of shoes are the best to run in?
  • barefoot running
  • Carla's advice for the best footwear for you
  • Hoka running shoes
  • Hoke Clifton 7's
  • Vivo barefoot
  • Nike carbon running shoes - Vaporfly
  • regulating carbon plated shoes
  • the mental game of elite level athletics
  • Carla's racing philosophy
  • the appeal of ultra distance running
  • Carla's world record breaking running LEJOG
  • the world record for cycling JOGLE
  • a typical day running LEJOG
  • running 50,000 steps a day
  • the mental challenge of going to dark places in a challenge
  • the appeal of simplicity
  • the other side of an epic adventure
  • getting the world record ratified
  • running he tour de mont blanc
  • the French and Swiss hospitality
  • Carla’s love of cake

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